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The choices you make behind the wheel matter.

A call for safer streets in NYC – Dana Lerner on PIX 11

Dana talks about Cooper and the human cost of reckless driving.

Every two hours in NYC, someone is killed or seriously injured in a traffic crash.

Families for Safe Streets confronts the epidemic of traffic violence through advocacy and support.

As Cooper was killed by a reckless driver, we support Families for Safe Streets and Vision Zero and are actively seeking to change the laws and behaviors of drivers. There are over 4,000 traffic injuries a year in NYC alone, with over 240 deaths. Besides Vision Zero, there are other ways to get involved in making the streets safer for pedestrians and bikers in New York City, like through Families for Safe Streets.


These are preventable crashes—not "accidents"—and the reckless driving and dangerous street design that cause these crashes have proven solutions.

We are represented by hundreds of members who have been injured or lost loved ones in crashes. Together, we transform our grief by telling our personal stories of trauma and loss to raise awareness and bring about policy and legislative change. Through hard-fought campaigns, we have lowered the speed limit and brought speed safety cameras to nearly every school district in NYC. We fight to end all traffic violence because no death or life-altering injury is acceptable.


We believe no one should have to endure the physical, emotional and spiritual trauma of traffic violence alone. FSS support services include monthly support communities, peer-mentoring, logistical assistance and a detailed resource guide.


In partnership with Transportation Alternatives, Families for Safe Streets was founded in 2014. With chapters forming across the country, we have begun a national movement to end this epidemic.

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Advocacy - #crashnotaccident

Commit to #CrashNotAccident. Join us in using the word “crash” to describe traffic collisions instead of “accident.”


As stated on the Vision Zero website re: #CrashNotAccident, “Words matter. They convey meaning and influence perceptions and actions.


… For too long, we’ve considered traffic deaths and severe injuries to be inevitable side effects of modern life. Yet “accidents” are tragedies that can be prevented. These are preventable incidents…for which proven solutions exist, such as designing roadways, managing speeds, and setting policies that prioritize safety.”











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