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 work out in 2013. 


 The school as it 

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Many people have generously donated to the Cooper Stock’s Way Foundation in tribute to the too-short life of this remarkable boy. The CSPTT is determined to use their funds in a smart and careful way, ensuring that these memorials to Cooper’s life will in fact benefit the people of Vakaramoko’s home villages.


The Cooper Stock Project for Tiewa & Tangodou (CSPTT) is underway in Guinea, Africa.

In 2012 Cooper met Touré, a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the JCC in Manhattan. They hit it off immediately and quickly formed a special friendship.

Vakaramoko Touré was born in the village of Tiewa, Beyla. He came to New York City not knowing a word of English, determined to make money to help his family and the people of his country.

The construction of new wells in remote communities like Touré's can make a significant impact in quality of life. Nearly a third of the population of this West African nation still lacks access to safe water. The Cooper Stock Project for Tiewa and Tangodou (CSPTT) has established a clear goal: Work with the people of these two neighboring villages in the West African nation of Guinea to improve life for the residents—starting with the drilling of a well to provide clean water to the community.

Having the proper plumbing to provide clean water to the community will have a huge impact on the lives of the townspeople. Touré says the possibilities for change are limitless.

Our project is named in honor of Cooper, a friend to Touré whose legacy of kindness and joy is already far reaching. Through generous donations, Cooper’s tragic death will enable us to provide the funds needed to help Touré fulfill his vision.

Providing necessary amenities like running water will save families countless hours and hopefully reprieve them from some of the difficulties they face on a daily basis. 

Powering the Project

Dana Lerner is the president of the Cooper Stock’s Way Foundation, the mother of Cooper Stock, and the driving force behind the CSPTT. She is responsible for all decisions about how funds are spent.
Vakaramoko Touré, who was born and raised in the village of Tiewa, is the spark who inspired the project.
Cooper Stock was a young boy who had a close relationship with Vakaramoko in New York City. Tragically, Cooper was killed in a car crash while crossing a New York street when he was nine years old. The well and school are being built in commemoration of Cooper’s compassion, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre.

Ira Wolfman is a journalist, author, and adviser to the Cooper Stock’s Way Foundation.

The Elisabeth Cathy Foundation (FELICA) is the Guinean partner working with the Cooper Stock’s Way Foundation to improve life in Guinea, especially for vulnerable people. It has overseen many projects including the building of schools, orphanages, and clinics across Guinea. 

Catherine Loua, MD, is a public-health doctor and the founder of FELICA. 

Sekou Touré, mayor of the villages of Tiewa and Tangoudou, is a key adviser to the project.

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