Cooper & Toure 

 work out in 2013. 


 The school as it 

 currently is 

A school is to be built in Cooper’s memory in Guinea, Africa.

In 2012 Cooper met Toure, a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the JCC in Manhattan. They hit it off immediately and quickly formed a special friendship.

Toure was born in the village of Thiewa, Beyla. He came to New York City not knowing a word of English, determined to make money to help his family and the people of his country.

Plans have been drawn up to build a new ‘state of the art’ school to replace the one in Toure's hometown.  Children from Thiewa as well as many other nearby villages will now receive a proper education. A fully equipped building will bring them desperately needed first world amenities.

Just having the proper plumbing to provide clean water to the community will have a huge impact on the lives of the townspeople. Toure says the possibilities for change the school will bring are limitless.

The school will be named in honor of Cooper, a child whose legacy of kindness and joy is already far reaching. Through generous donations, Cooper’s tragic death will enable us to provide the funds needed to help Toure fulfill his dream.

Many parents in the village currently do not want their children to go to school. They are mostly farmers and the default is for their children to join them on the farm. They have little experience with and therefore little confidence in formal education, and how it can completely transform a child’s life for the better. The new school will educate not only the children, but also any parents in the village who are interested. Besides creating a space for learning, the building will provide necessary amenities like running water, which will save the villagers countless hours and hopefully reprieve them from some of the difficulties they face on a daily basis. 


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The Cooper Stock School

The children’s ages range from 7 to 13...

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We don't have enough resources. Sometimes kids don't show up.

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Every morning after they salute the flag, they get in line for the name call.

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The children’s ages range from 7 to 13...

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